Thursday, May 31, 2012

DC Is Seeking Mediators; Caution!

"Plan of the City of Washington," Ma...
"Plan of the City of Washington," March 1792, Engraving on paper, see Library of Congress record (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Washington, DC is seeking special ed mediators!!!  

(Please NOTE: I am NOT recommending these jobs.  This post is for informational reasons only.  Please study the rfp very closely, and apply at your own peril and only if you so desire.)

Horrible pay, intolerable working conditions...otherwise sweet gig!

You can read the rfp here.

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  1. I was just thinking it was too bad I don't live in DC because mediating in DC schools could be an interesting challenge.

    But no hourly rate??
    No reimbursement of mileage and travel expenses??

    Wow! (and not in a good way)

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  3. Mary Anne,

    Thanks for your comment.


  4. It’s profoundly depressing that a job so beneficial to society is compensated so little.
    I read “$150 a case” and had to reread it, thinking it must be a typo. That’s just insulting, the amount of work that goes into such employment means it’s impossible to live solely off of that wage. Doing something simply for the love of helping people is respectable, but you have to be paid enough to survive, and that’s just not going to happen on that salary.

    “Wow” is right.

    1. Good afternoon Sarah,
      Just an FYI - I am not sure how you were reading this - it's not $150 per case, it's actually $850 per case. The $150 per case comes from accepting the assignment, but if the case proceeds to mediation, it pays $850.00.

  5. Sarah,

    Thanks for your comment.


  6. If I may, I would like to offer a differing opinion and correct some errors.

    If one reads the RFQ, we offer what could be considered "milestone" based compensation, with $150 due upon assignment and an additional $700 due after facilitating the mediation. The total rate was devised after consulting with system colleagues in No VA, PG and Montgomery County and it is comparable to what they are offering. It is true that we do not reimburse traveling expenses, however, in this age of conferrence and video capability, I would be surprised if one had to "travel" more than once per mediation.

    Re working conditions, I would offer that our facility is located next to Union Station, is relatively new and spacious, and computer, copy and kitchen services are accessible to all employees/contractors. Commuting by metro, train, bike, etc. is easy and the food options are plentiful. I'm not aware of anything that would make working at this facility intolerable (maybe save for limited parking options.)

    Please feel free to call or email if need.
    Thanks, and have a nice day.

  7. DT,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I want to reiterate very clearly, however, that this posting was for informational purposes only. I DO NOT recommend these jobs, and the post on this blog should NOT be construed as an endorsement.

    Jim Gerl

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