Saturday, June 30, 2007


I enjoy being interviewed on special education law topics. Some of my friends have asked for links to a few of these interviews.

The following relate to the Winkleman decision by the Supreme Court:{GERL}))&chunknum=1&topic=Main&listnum=0&offset=6

Supreme Court watchers will be watching the direction that the Roberts Court will take in special education cases. They are definitely interested in the topic.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Are State Complaints Authorized by IDEA

I've been researching state complaint procedures. I was surprised to learn that the Individuals With Disabilities Act does not create state complaints. They are apparently a creature of the federal regulations.

I'm amazed that somebody hasn't challenged the state complaint system. Special Education, unlike most other areas of law, offers the parties multiple dispute resolution mechanisms for the same dispute. For example a parent could file a state complaint. If unsatisfied with the result, the parent could request mediation. If still unsatisfied the parent could file a due process complaint, which now includes the resolution meeting procedure. This is before any appeal.

Given the fact that the statute has been reauthorized and amended in the 20 some years since the state complaint system has been around, yet it still doesn't officially sanction the state complaint procedures, I'm surprised that some disgruntled party has not taken on the very existence of the complaint system

Monday, June 4, 2007

A Blog, by Any Other Name, Is Not as Sweet

In telling some of my friends about this blog, I've had a realization. The use of blogs is age sensitive. Most people my age are uncomfortable with blogs. Many have never read a blog at all. Some do not know what a blog is.

Some of my younger friends, on the other hand, are addicted bloggers. A few discovered this blog on their own. All of them are comfortable with the idea of blogging. A number have blogs of their own.

So bear in mind that I'm being very brave in this blogging effort, and keep in touch.