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  1. I am writing to you all because I am seriously concerned about growing class sizes and shrinking services for children with autism within the Los Angeles Unified School District.

    Class norms have increased by 1/3 through unilateral increases by LAUSD, and even these norms are consistently ignored by the District. I am currently in a classroom with 13 students. This results in over-stimulation of these students, impairing their ability to attend to and access the core curriculum. They cannot get the individual attention they need to progress in such a climate.

    The District has also made it harder for these beautiful, smart, and dear children to have access to DIS services such as speech, occupational therapy, and adapted P.E, whether they need them or not. As mentioned in an LA Times article, and born out by my experience, unless parents can afford an advocate or lawyer (most of whom require a very large retainer), their children will be denied of, and the parents will have no knowledge of needed and available services.

    When the District was in dire financial straits, I could see the need for some economies, though the most needy should not be the ones who suffer first. Now that money is restored, there has been no effort to remedy the situation.

    These children deserve better.

    Thank you,

    Van Boudreaux
    Special Education Teacher
    Kittridge Elementary

  2. Von,

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  3. As a hearing officer, have you had a parent contest the lack of placement because the child had an Oppositional Defiant Disorder diagnosis and did not meet the IDEA criteria?

  4. david in illinoisMarch 19, 2014 at 8:51 PM

    What really bothers me is how here in Illinois there is no way of getting any thing done to make a kid even feel like they have gotten justice. I do not even like to go to the extra activities because a teacher that harassed and humiliated my daughter in front of the class and also put her hands in my daughters front pants pockets is always there and naturally since it is a smaller school she has friends that are teachers who seem to like causing problems.
    Her principle would follow her into the bathroom even trying to claim it was part of her behavior modification plan. they tried saying she did not need an IEP because she had an authority problem. Imagine my rage when I found out her grandfather had been molesting her but he only got 9 months in county jail and then the school still did not improve....
    I contacted the county board supervisor of schools but he said he couldn't do anything about it??
    The organization that takes care of the testing and IEPS is hired by the school so how is this fair?

  5. David,

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  6. Is it true that School Districts determine what is or not reported in the PPT summary and recommendation, including concerns/imput from the parent(s)/guardian/students and what is documented in the IEP?

    1. Anon,

      AS an impartial, hearing office, mediator and consultant, I never advise or epresent either parents or school officials. You should consult a lawyer licensed to practioce in your area, preferably one experoenced in education law.