Monday, May 7, 2012

OSEP Wants You! Results Driven Accountability

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You may recall that in a recent post, I mentioned the press release by the federal Office of Special Education Programs stating that they were suspending their verification visits and contemplating a system driven more by results than compliance.  Here is the old post.

On the OSERS website you can find the press release and a Questions & Answers document as well as a summary of the new acronym RDA (results driven approach.)

Also the OSEP director, Melody Musgrove, has announced a new email address where you can submit your opinion as to what should be included in the new monitoring approach. You can put in your two cents at OSEP wants your opinion; give it to them!

Also please let me know what you think of this new approach.
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  2. do agree, I think the system should be more tailored to the individual. I’d like to think that isn’t the case already, but as I’ve shared in the past, I know too well it isn’t.

    I don’t think you really can put guidelines on something like this that work for everyone.

    1. Thanks for your comment Sarah.