Friday, April 6, 2012

More Thoughts on Dispute Resolution; Tech Update

It is pretty rare that I make it all the way around all of those mountains to get to the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia.  It is a long ride.  This year I have already been there twice.  And yes this does mean that I passed by my favorite road name again. (See photo above.) I also drove very slowly through the speed trap formerly known as "McMechen."

More importantly, I again was able to contrast the value of mediation as a tool for dispute resolution in special education.  I serve as both a hearing officer and as a mediator.  I also train hos and mediators.  I continue to believe strongly that mediation is the better way to go.  Mediation is better suited to resolve those relationship issues which are so critical to the education of a child.  This is one of the topics that I discuss on the CADRE interviews, which you can find here.  By the way, there is a wealth of other useful information about special ed dispute resolution in these interviews.

Also a quick tech update.  The LinkedIn special education law group continues to prosper with over 2650 members.  Check it out.  The Facebook Special Education Law Group was "archived" by the evil corporate masters of Facebook because members were not updating their status every five seconds. That still burns.

I do have a question for readers though.  Before the new timeline, Facebook used to list my blog posts on my notes section automatically after I tinkered with the settings.  This stopped and I wonder if there is a way to automatically have my blog posts appear on Facebook? Any ideas?

The best way to support the blog is to take one of the free subscriptions available on the left hand side of the blog.  Numbers count in the blogosphere. You can get the posts delivered to your email inbox, or via RSS feed.  You can even get a blidget (=blog + widget) to place inside your own website or blog.   Thanks again to all our readers.
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  2. Jim-
    After you make your blog, view it, and on the top left hand side of your blog toolbar there is the word "share" click that. You will have the option to share with twitter or facebook. A new page will open and it will have your blog ready for you to share with the Facebook world. You can also add a comment before posting.
    It takes two seconds. I do this everytime I post to my blog or if I find a blog I like. I have shared many of your posts.

    Good luck!

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  4. Facebook’s great about destroying anything they can’t somehow make money off of. Stop posting for a week or so, and your inbox becomes a treasure trove of “DO YOU NEED HELP? HERE, LET US HELP YOU POST ON YOUR WALL” messages. I had the same issue with Skype. Personally, I find such harassment annoying.

  5. Sarah,

    Thanks for your support.


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