Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Service Dogs Part IX- Illinois A. G. Weighs In

We have discussed the Illinois service dog case previously in this blog. I am fascinated by these types of cases and I believe that they are a hot button issue in current special education law. For example here is a link to a recent service dog case from New York state recently reported in the Adjunct Law Prof Blog. (Thanks to Professor Mitchell Rubinstein for the article and the heads up.)

The Monroe County Illinois Circuit (1st level) Judge granted the parents of 5 year old Carter Kalbfeisch, who has autism, an injunction requiring the school district to permit him to bring his service dog with him to school. The school district has appealed the decision claiming that other children are allergic to dogs.

The newest development in this case is that Illinois Attorney General has weighed in on the issue. The AG has filed a motion to intervene on behalf of the parents. She argues that the outcome of the appellate decision could affect other students with disabilities who use service animals.

Illinois Attorney GeneralImage by ©hicagoenergy via Flickr

Here is a news article from the Mt. Vernon Register- News.

Please keep me posted if you know of other service dog cases around the country. Thanks for all your support.


  1. My son has a service dog that accompanies him to school. He has asperger's and the dog is trained to help him calm down and focus and to get over meltdowns faster (most of the time he can head them off before they start.)

    We have had some difficulty with our local school system but we seem to have worked through it without having to resort to court injunctions.

    He is beginning his third year (9th grade) with the service dog.

  2. Ramon,

    Thanks for your story.

    I appreciate the input.