Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Is the Economy Causing Problems or Not? The Backdoor Theory

Maybe it is coming in the back door. My earlier posts confronted the economy head on. Should expense be a defense in a recession is our current poll question. (Be sure to vote; exercise the franchise.) But maybe the Supreme Court precedent and fundamental fairness require a negative answer when phrased in that way.

But I was just talking to a special education hearing officer from another state who sees the impact of the giant recession in another, and more subtle, way. (No wonder I missed it!) In her state, the numbers of certain categories of due process hearings are way up. The types of special ed issues on the rise, Independent Educational Evaluations and Reimbursement for Unilateral Placements, are the types that if not litigated can cost a school district big bucks. Maybe I was on to something, but I was not being sophisticated enough in my analysis.

What are you observing. We have readers across this great country and beyond its borders. What are you seeing. Is the economic downturn coming in through the back door? Let me know what you are observing.

As many of you know, I'm an optimist. Heck, I'm a fan of the Chicago Cubs, I have to be an optimist. I'm convinced that the economy is already rebounding. We were pretty close to the edge though, and I still think that the world of special education dispute resolution could not have been immune. Tell me what you think.

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