Saturday, October 24, 2009

Breaking News: You Can Now Read This Blog On Your Mobile Phone

I love my Blackberry. I'll bet that many of you also don't remember how life was possible before the advent of the mobile telephone. I was slow to arrive into the information revolution, but I'm there now! One serious problem is that you don't get a good view of some websites on a Blackberry or other web-enabled mobile phones. Only the sites that have a mobile version, ie one readable with a phone, are easy to read and use. The full version of the special education law blog is difficult to read on a phone. But guess what?

In my ongoing quest to make the best uses of technology, this blog now has a

Mobile PhoneImage by johnmuk via Flickr

mobile version which you can read on your cellphone. Just put this website into your mobile browser and bookmark it (I'm talking like I know the lingo; please ignore any incorrect word choices):

The new mobile website doesn't have all the cool graphics and the links, polls and widgets. of the full version of the blog. It does, however, have a list with links to all of the last twenty posts. I have tried it out and the posts are very easy to read.

There is also a new link to the mobile version of the special education law blog on the lefthand side of the blog, but it should be easier if you load the website into your cellphone. Let me know how it works.

So for those who cannot get enough of this blog, you can read my posts while stuck in an airport or during a boring meeting. (Hey not during my presentations or speeches, ok?). Also please continue to subscribe; we need your support through the free subscriptions to maintain or blogosphere street cred. (Once again forgive my abuse of the language.)

But remember, as exciting as this development is, please do not read this blog or anything else on your phone while driving an automobile or any place else that may not be appropriate. Thanks and please keep reading.

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