Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Correction: 12.1% of Americans Have a Disability

The most recent post incorrectly states that 21.1% of Americans have a disability. That is a typo (or else proof of my arithmetic challenge. The correct number is 12.1%. Please follow the link for more details. I'm sorry for the confusion.

Thanks to alert reader Dick for bringing this to my attention.

By the way, this post was done remotely by email. Viva technology!
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  2. Hi Jim,

    That was me, not Dick (I've been traveling and just saw this post), but thanks for the correction. For some reason your software wasn't letting me be non-anonymous anymore...

    Cate Rowen

  3. Thanks Cate,

    Actually it was both you and Dick of CADRE (he sent an email). Thanks for both reading and being attentive. I do like to give accurate info, and good friends like you help me do that.