Monday, July 9, 2012

Fiat Lux; The Politics of Power

The lights came on Saturday. Still no cable or land internet.

The politics of how and where power was restored seems suspicious.

There was a PGA golf tournament ten miles away last weekend.  Rather than cancel the golf and worry about the people, the opposite seems to have occurred.  It seems that power was restored to motels and restaurants for golf fans before it was restored to residential neighborhoods.  Ah local politics- the stuff of legends.

I have to board a flight for the big conference in Seattle.  More from the west coast this week.


  1. Sadly, that's always how it goes. Last fall, my great-uncle's CT town lost power after a freak, heavy snow storm. Malls and stores got power first, but as an 80 year old man, he had to go without power and heat for a full week. Thankfully, he had a woodstove for heat, but others in his position weren't so lucky.

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