Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Jim Gerl Tour (de France?) on Special Education Law Continues Later This Month

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If you read this blog regularly, you know that I have a delusional belief that I am a rock star and that my special ed law presentations somehow constitute a rock and roll tour of the country. As the title indicate, I continue to struggle with a title for the tour. Suggestions by readers to date have not exactly been helpful.

If you will be in any of the following places while I am in town, please stop me and say hello. I have met a bunch of readers this summer and I always enjoy meeting those who read these pages. Please continue telling me what you think.

From August 30 - September 1, 2010, I will be at the Arizona Special Education Directors Institute in Litchfield Park, Arizona. I will do three presentations on the role of the non-attorney advocate in IEP team meetings and due process hearings. You can follow the links to register here.

I will for the sixth straight year be a part of the faculty at the National Association of Hearing Officials Annual Conference from September 26 - 29, 2010 in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee. I will be presenting on the prehearing process and on ruling on objections. The registration link trail begins here.

Disclaimer time (very different from hammer time) None of the state agencies or private organizations mentioned above in any way endorse this blog or any statements made by me or readers and commenters. For purposes of things said here, I do not represent any organization or person. My statements are my own and they really couldn't buy me if they tried, which so far they haven't

Any way, please find me at these conferences and say hey.
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  1. Hello
    I am a lawyer and student law in Iran. I have to write thesis about Enforceable deed.
    (Some document (deed) if be official can be execution (implementation) without decision from Court.
    For example a "marriage Contract" if be official (it is be written by state Representative) and in this document(contract) there is commitment(obligation) benefit ,the BENEFICIARY is not necessary go to court for giving a decision and he/she can execution it in the Registration Office documents. )
    I want know about Enforceable deed in your country and other countries . Can you help me about it and introduce a Paper and send it for me or introduction persons than they can more help me?
    My language is not strong , please forgive me and tell me my mistakes.
    Ali Hajizade

  2. Ali,

    Thanks for the unusual comment.