Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Free Ning - the Demise of a Special Education Law Based Social Group

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Bad news: soon the Ning based Special Education Law Group shall perish from the face of the Earth. It seems that Ning has decided to become a pay only service. It will no longer be free. I set up these social network groups solely for the purpose of bringing special ed law junkies together. I refuse, however, to pay for space of the internets! Call me old fashioned! As you can tell by the elevated level of sarcasm, I resent this!

If any of the Ning group members want to finance the group, you have my blessing. If not, we should be fine with the Facebook, LinkedIn, and Plaxo special education law groups. If you have not checked them out, please take a look. Theses groups have some good discussions and networking opportunities. There are links to all of them on the infamous lefthand side of this blog.

A related point:
The subscriptions to this blog are free. There are three types of subscriptions: you can receive all the posts by email, or you can get an RSS feed for a reader or aggregator, like NetVibes or Google Reader, or you can get a widget for your own blog or website. All are free.

Free Ning!


  1. Hello,

    I recently compiled a list of the Top 40 Special Education Blogs, and I
    just wanted to let you know that you made the list! It
    is published online at http://www.onlinedegrees.org/top-40-special-education-blogs/

    Thanks so much, and if you think your audience would find useful
    information in the list or on the site, please feel free to share the
    link. The blog is just starting up, so we always appreciate a link back
    as we're trying to increase readership.

    Thanks again, and have a great day!

    Maria Magher

  2. Jim,

    Congrats on making the Top 40 list, and what is Ning thinking???? We created a discussion forum for IEP goal-writing technical collaboration on Ning and I'm with you. We shouldn't have to pay for it. They're running their damn Google ads on there, which we have no control over, to generate revenue. Wasn't this supposed to be an advertiser supported forum? Cripes!!!! Well, like you, we're relying on the tried and true social media (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to get the word out in addition to our blog at http://www.kps4parents.org. We're a 501(c)(3) non-profit and paying for things that we can otherwise get for free just isn't in the cards.

    Keep up the good work!!!! I just subscribed to your RSS feed.

    Anne M. Zachry, CEO
    KPS4Parents, Inc.

  3. Thanks Maria,

    We appreciate the recognition for the blog.


  4. Anne,

    Well said. Ning has gotten greedy.

    Congratulations to you on also making the list of top special ed blogs.


  5. We really very interested to read the recognition for the blog.