Monday, May 10, 2010

Three Years Old and Never Been Dissed! Special Education Law Blog Turns 3 millionth user + birthday bashImage by Laughing Squid via Flickr

Well this is our third birthday!

Hard to believe, no? We have been talking about special education law for three years on these pages, yet we have barely scratched the surface. So buckle your seat belts and put your trays in their upright and locked position because we are now really going to take off!

First of all- thank you to our regular readers. You are why we do this. Thanks. If you have not yet taken a free subscription, please do so. On the left-hand side of the blog we will set you up. Yo can arrange to get the posts delivered to your inbox as emails. Or you can subscribe to an RSS feed in a reader or feed aggregator. Finally, if you have a blog or website of your own, you can get a widget (=blog=widget). Some folks take all three subscriptions. They are always free.

Added to our legions of subscribers are the members of the Facebook, LinkedIn, Ning, Plaxo and Twitter special education law groups. The wildest is the Facebook group which now has 775 members. The discussion boards are lively and the discussion is spirited. Those of us in special ed would have it no other way.

There are tons of other resources on the lefthand side of the blog. There are other education blogs, searchable statute and regs, an info clearinghouse, a link to CADRE- the cool people who know answers to questions about dispute resolution and other links. We even have two blidgets, one with the CEC'c daily headlines and one on education news. Given the diverse nature of the stakeholders who follow us, we try to provide a variety of resources. One rule, is that we like an unbiased perspective. We don't feature groups that lean to one side or the other. Such groups do exist, but in keeping with my impartiality as a hearing officer and mediator, and as a state consultant, we don't link to them here. For similar reasons, I don't join advocacy groups on Facebook, but I will friend any member of the special ed law group who mentions that fact. (I just flashed to the South Park episode on Facebook!)

So thanks to all of you and please keep on reading. For those who feel so inclined, the traditional third anniversary gift is leather! (Just make sure that you will never appear before me as a litigant or lawyer or advocate first!)


  1. Happy Birthday! Thanks for such sharing great information! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you Looneyhiker.

    And thanks to all who have sent nice emails!

    I appreciate you.


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