Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Presidential Candidates Positions on ASDs

For those of you interested in Autism Spectrum Disorders, the candidates have issued position papers. Thanks to one of our readers for pointing this out. Although the information appears in the comments, I wanted to include it in a post so that all interested could review them.
Here are the links:
This is kinda like working on a jigsaw puzzle. If we get enough pieces, maybe we can make a forest out of the trees. (You really thought I was going for that easy "pig lipstick" line again, didn't you!)


  1. Thanks for your vote - I completely forgot about that competition I thought it had ended months ago. I shall pop along and return the favour!

  2. Thanks for the vote! I have voted for you as well.


  3. thanks for the vote and i voted for your blog. I really enjoyed reading some of it. I have had so many issues that I could have used a special education lawyer for, I wish I found you sooner. Good luck with the vote and keep reading my blog.

  4. Thanks for your support MOB, FC and Nancy.

    Please keep reading.