Friday, October 17, 2008

Breaking News: We Win First Place for Best Education Blog

The Special Education Law Blog has won first place in the Best Education Blog category in the prestigious Bloggers Choice Awards. I am honored. We were in second place going into the last couple weeks, so it is a surprise to finish first.
Thanks to the 329 people who voted for this blog. It is quite a wonderful feeling to be appreciated by so many folks. When I started this blog I thought that there was a need for a source of information from a neutral source about the new and rapidly-growing field of special education law. I have tried (with only partial success) to avoid legalese and double talk. I'm happy to find that a wide group of different types of special education stakeholders (parents, special ed teachers, students, administrators, state department staff, lawyers, professors, and children and adults with disabilities, among others) are tuning us in. Please subscribe, if you haven't, and keep reading.
You can view the Bloggers Choice Awards results here:


  1. I discovered this website thanks to the Blogger's Choice Awards and can't even begin to tell you how informative and important it is. This is a brilliant blog and I'm so glad it got the recognition it deserved from your readers.