Monday, October 20, 2008

Pig Lipstick, etc - Part III

Still no answer from the candidates to my ten questions on special education law and policy.

Justin at the Edjurist has an interesting article showing that even NBC has noticed that the candidates have failed to address special education. Here's a link:

The final candidate debate featured one question about education. Here is the transcript of the debate. (If you're looking for the education question, start at the end and work backwards through the closing arguments):

If you'd prefer a summary of their response to the education debate question, the CEC policy folks did a nice job here:

Also remember that tomorrow night, October 21st, at 7 pm, there will be a debate between Linda Darling-Hammond, education advisor to Democratic nominee Barack Obama, and Lisa Graham Keegan, education advisor to Republican nominee John McCain. The event will be live-streamed by Education Week & at and by the Teachers College at The Webcast is being supported by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).
For more information on the debate, please see this link:

If any of you hear anything else about the candidates positions on special education, please let me know.


  1. Jim,
    Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am currently living in Hawaii. My son has recently been admitted to special ed under the SLD criteria. I agree that he needs additional support but he has always been in general ed classes and although he struggles he manages to "pass". My concern is that when I asked about placement I was told that he would be pulled out of general ed for his reading time and be placed in a sped class where he could recieve services. When I asked about the class I was told that there was only 1 sped teacher per grade and they served all levels of disability in one room. When I said that I was uncomfortable that my son would be in a room with ED,MR, and all other levels of disability I was told that the school has found that that is what works best and that is how they do it. To add to it, I was told I could either refuse the services being offered or move him to a school where he could be better accommodated. Can they do this? Do I have to consent to a self contained class to get services?

  2. Sorry Jen,

    I cannot give legal advice.