Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekly Question!

We recently ran a post asking whether special education is in danger. What do you think? #IDEA #POTUS


  1. Special Education is ALWAYS in danger. While funding is a never-ending struggle, the mental framework for pedagogical and administrative players is another key element. I believe at this point enough of the old-school (spec ed=lock 'em up) has gone out to pasture that, while we should be very afraid, at least we can hope to work with the "other side."

  2. Working as a LIFE Skills teacher, I have seen many changes and some things that never change. One thing that does not change is the attitude that some have about our wonderful friends in SpEd. Though we all see them as individuals with varying abilities, other see them as a waste of time. I have a friend that is a first year teacher that has received zero support in their journey this year. Paperwork for an ARD was not completed on time, due to others misguidance, and the school was out of compliance. When my friend was called in for their write up (damaging write up), they were told by an Administrator, "I will not lose my job over a SpEd kid!" Until we change the outlook of others, Special Education will always be the elephant in the room. This means all of society. I have a student that was expected to never talk and never truly function. He is an amazingly brilliant boy! Such as Temple Grandin has fought to change the minds, so shall we!

  3. VM & Anon,

    Thanks for your comments.