Friday, March 10, 2017

Procedural Safeguards - The Series Index #procedural safeguards #index

A reader suggested that we create an index for our series on Procedural Safeguards under IDEA, the special education law. It sounded like a good idea. NOTE if you click on the name of any post, a link will take you to that particular post:

Preface to Series
Part I         Introduction
Part II       Notice of Procedural Safeguards
Part III      Parental Consent
Part IV      Independent Educational Evaluation
Part V        Prior Written Notice
Part VI      Dispute Resolution
Part VII    Facilitated IEPT Meetings
Part VIII  Mediation
Part X    State Complaint Procedures
Part XI   Resolution Session
Part XII  Due Process Hearings
Part XII  Procedural Safeguards
Part XIII  Attorney's Fees


  1. The ED finally restored their information page on IDEA. Now we get to see if they will take an ax to it all, or just leave it. There is a bill for the demolishing of the U.S. Education Department. We (advocates) are watching with great concern.