Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekly Question!

We recently ran a post asking whether special education is in danger. What do you think? #IDEA #POTUS


  1. Since 1975 and Public Law 94-142 we have waited for substantive change in special education. The data are clear, after 42 years , there has not been the pedagogic change (outcomes) we hoped for , planned for and expected. Yes, I am worried about IDEA, not the law but the spirit and the implementation. Special education is an intervention... not a place, not a kid, not a label but a source of learning strategies and supports effective with ALL kids...

  2. The IDEA law made certain that my son had no access to education. We went through due process to fight for his right to education. But during the trial it was made clear that the IDEA law only requires the IEP team to "consider" the needs of the student. I have emails from special education teacher telling me "there is no curriculum". Special education by IEP teams of at will employees is a complete conflict of interest. Special education is segregation and denial of access to education. It is also taught shunning and torture of students that until school thought they were really special. We attended conferences that taught inclusion is best practice's for 15 years , although none was allowed although his IEP documented his behavior did not interfere with his education or the education of others. The due process we went through cheated him as we discovered the hearing officer was given scrubbed documents.

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