Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Almost Famous: My Outline Quoted to U. S. Supreme Court #scotus #gerl

Part of my job involves training hearing officers, mediators, complaint investigators, lawyers and other special education staff. I really enjoy this work. Many of those who read this blog have been involved in these trainings and have seen my outlines, the written materials that I prepare for participants in these presentations.

As you know from our previous posts here, here and here, one of two special education cases pending before the U. S. Supreme Court is Fry v Napoleon Community Schools, a case involving exhaustion of administrative remedies. 

When a case is argued before the Supreme Court, various groups request leave to file friend of the court, or amicus, briefs stating their positions. Well in the Fry case, the NSBA, NASDSE, AASA and others filed an amicus brief, and the brief cites me and one of my outlines concerning the duty and power of a hearing officer to make a complete record.  (Interesting aside- my spell check wants to change "amicus" to amigos! Too many punchlines...must stop!)

You can read the amicus brief here. Check out footnote 18 on page 24 for the reference to my outline and the complete record discussion. 

I am once again almost famous! Can the big time be far away?

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