Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Sunmmary Of Caselaw from 2014-2015 Is Now Available For Purchase #JG Outline

So listen: I only run one ad per year.  It is tempting to "monetize" this blog as the hucksters of blog advertising keep telling me. Yet I have so far resisted the temptation of loading this blog with ads. The blog is a lot of work and I spend a lot of time posting what I hope is useful information, but I primarily mean it to be a public service. Our main goals in establishing this blog over nine years ago were to provide a discussion of special education law issues from an impartial perspective and to put special education stakeholders and practitioners in touch with other available resources.  In view of these goals I have so far resisted the temptation to advertise products on the blog.  In view of the amount of work the blog takes, I am rethinking the ad-free policy and I would appreciate your thoughts.

Another purpose of the blog, however, was to inform people of the services I offer in the field of special education law.  I have decided, therefore, to occasionally let readers know on these pages some of the resources and services that I make available. So far, these would include only items that I have created myself. 

I have a legal update I want you to buy.  Now available for purchase is a  319 page outline of the caselaw from courts and hearing officers that were issued in calendar years 2014-2015. This is the same legal update outline that I use in part when training hearing officers, mediators, complaint investigators, monitors, state department of education staff and other persons.  The outline has been successfully used by hundreds of people as a starting point for legal research on a topic of interest or an issue in a special ed case.  Lawyers, advocates, parents, school officials and other readers of this blog will find the outline to be an invaluable tool as a starting point for their research.  It does not cover every decision and I can only provide my take on the caselaw, but it is a very thorough legal update. I prepare one each year for the caselaw primarily from the two previous years. 

The price of the outline is $299.00.

If you are interested in purchasing the outline, please send me an email at and I will send you all of the details. 

There was a positive reaction to the summary of caselaw the last time I offered it for sale on this blog.  I appreciate your feedback on this matter as well as ads on the blog in general.

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