Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Breaking: U S Department of Education Releases Guidance On English Language Learners #ELL #USDOE

The U S Department of Education last week issued guidance concerning English Language Learners. The press release notes that ...

In the 2014-15 school year, more than 4.8 million English learners were enrolled in U.S. schools in grades K-12. English learners comprise nearly 10 percent of the student population nationwide, a figure that has more than doubled in the past few decades, and in many schools, districts and states, English learners are an even higher percentage of the student population. Estimates suggest that this number may be even higher for learners under the age of six... 

This guidance includes information and resources for state, district, and school personnel, including:
  • Use of Title III funds to serve ELs;
  • Design and delivery of language instruction educational programs, which include educators of ELs;
  • Key information on family, parent and community engagement;
  • Key information on distinct populations of ELs, including early learners, former ELs, immigrant students, and ELs who are also students with disabilities;
  • Clarifications of the rights ELs have under federal civil rights law related to supports and services;
  • A list of publications and resources for administrators and educators who work with ELs

You can read the press release here. The entire 48 page guidance document here.

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