Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekly Question!

What questions about special education should we ask the major party candidates for President? #Education Politics


  1. What will you propose to enable all students regardless of type or degree of disability to receive the foundational skills, knowledge and attitudes to live productive lives, engage in community activities and be integrated into competitive employment opportunities?

  2. Although there are laws in place and specific criteria which demand that all people with a disability be transitioned into competitive employment, what about those who are not able to be competitively employed who require support 24/7?

  3. How will your administration react to the demands from National Superintendents of Schools to remove the Due Process complaint process from IDEA? How would your administration support quality education for special education students in the DOE, IDEA recommit and in new education policy?

  4. Mark, Theresa & UK,

    Thank you for your suggestions.