Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Breaking: Supreme Court Requests Brief From Solicitor General in IDEA Case #SupremeCourt #IDEA

The Supreme Court of the United States requested a brief yesterday from the Solicitor General on behalf of the federal government in the case of Endrew F v Douglas County Sch Dist RE-1, Case # 15-827. If this case name sounds familiar, you may recall our previous post on this case. In this case, the parents urged the Court to adopt the "higher" meaningful benefit standard. The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals analyzed the issue and decided to apply the some educational benefit standard.

Here is a copy of the Court's Order. This is the case page from the SCOTUS blog.

There are only ten special education decisions by the Supreme Court, so we should all pay attention to how this one plays out. As you know, most cases do not result in a supreme court decision, but ten have made it that far. Will this one be number eleven?

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