Monday, June 22, 2015

New Weekly Question!

As we run our: an Introduction To Special Education Law, what do you think are the easiest ways for a school district or its staff to get into special ed legal trouble?


  1. A quick way for a school district to get in trouble is to allow shipshod goals and objectives that are not measurable and which are things unto themselves rather than written to address the unique needs of the child and enhance access to and success with the general curriculum.

  2. Jim, in my humble opinion, the following fatal errors committed by an LEA are: 1) improper notice to parents 2) failure to provide PWN upon proposals and refusals 3) failure to implement the IEP and 4) not affording parents with a "meaningful " opportunity for input during meetings.

    Lew Romano

  3. Lew,

    Thanks for your comment.