Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly Question!

Bullying remains the hot button issue in special education law, and many people feel that it reflects a larger and ugly societal problem. Have you had any experiences with kids with disabilities being the victim of bullying?


  1. My 7 y/o autisitc son was a victim of bullying that ultimately led to him suffering a fractured arm. Being afraid of my reaction, the school did not inform me, therefore delaying medical treatment. Taking into account that he desperately seeks friendship, he is now hesitant to inform me of such episodes. Teachers and school staff should be attentive to any circumstances that could lead to a child with disabilities being a victim of bullying. All things considered, often these children have difficulty communicating, therefore seeking help is problematic in itself. It's a very unfortunate reality for these kiddos.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your comment. These stories are difficult to hear, but I think that we need to hear them.


  3. My pleasure. Thank you for the invaluable information you provide, and for all you do for these precious children.