Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Perils of Modern Air Travel - Part VI

English: An Allegheny Airlines BAC-111 in the ...
English: An Allegheny Airlines BAC-111 in the last livery of the airline shortly before becoming USAir. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was honored to be asked to be one of the speakers at this year's Utah Special Education Law Institute. More on this excellent conference next week.  

I left last Tuesday ... well sort of... So I'm at the airport and all seems fine. I'm scheduled to get to Salt Lake City at 10pm. Then just as I was handing my ticket to the agent at the gate, those who had boarded before me came strolling off the plane, talking about a "maintenance issue."  Twenty minutes later U S Air announced that the flight had been cancelled. 

Here is the rub. I hate the policy of the airlines when they cancel a flight. The policy is that the fastest customers on the cancelled flight get the best deals. Foot speed ain't my forte!
After the fleetest, youngest passengers got to the counter, I limped over.  So they transfer me to United. Later I learned that the second flight got in at midnight and not noon the next day. So I went back to USAir and after a delay while they got United to release me (I temporarily was the property of United- who knew?), they scheduled me on three flights the next day beginning at 5:20am. 

Two hours after the flight was cancelled, the checked bags were returned... Yikes. It was time to find lodging.  

So I get up at 3:00 the next morning and fly all day (three flights) ending at 1pm.  I arrive in SLC , but I forgot that there a reservation for a rental car does not mean that one will get a car, but only that you have priority over those without reservations when they finally locate a car. (I'm told that there is a Seinfeld episode about this so i guess that it happens elsewhere.) They estimated a two hour delay! 

I did get there in time for my presentation (a day late and more than a dollar short?) and the second day of the conference, but I'm still exhausted.

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