Friday, August 29, 2014

Bullying of Kids With Disabilities - The Series - Rides Again

English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, th...
English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, the first class day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before I get to our newest bullying series, I want to thank our readers for the overwhelming response to my notice that my 2012-2013 caselaw outline is for sale.  We appreciate your ongoing support.  If you need information about the legal update, please shoot me an email at

Bullying remains the hottest of hot button issues in special education law. We are going to be running an updated version of our previous series on Bullying in the coming weeks.  The series is one of our most popular sets of posts, please let me know whether you find it useful.

One development that we will highlight is the recent of courts to view bullying as an IDEA, or at least a potential IDEA issue.

As always we appreciate your reading the blog!

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