Monday, February 24, 2014

New Weekly Question!

Procedural safeguards are at the heart of the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act. As we conduct a new informational series on procedural safeguards, what would you change about IDEA's scheme for protecting parent/student rights?


  1. I would add that each time the LEA receives a private health care provider document (in any format) that is subject to HIPAA protection, that the LEA enter into the student's records and provide to the student's parent, a written confirmation document, stating the document's date, author, subject matter, number of pages, and date of the LEA's receipt of that document.

  2. I would like to see every parent of a child with special needs provided with a knowledgeable advocate. I work in a Title I school, and most parents don't know their rights. They are single, poor, often uneducated foils for whatever the school district reluctantly hands down.

  3. Hi Mary & Anon,

    Thank you for your comments.