Monday, February 17, 2014

New Weekly Question!

Procedural safeguards are at the heart of the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act. As we conduct a new informational series on procedural safeguards, what would you change about IDEA's scheme for protecting parent/student rights?

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  1. As a parent, I appreciate that my district is required to give me prior notice, access to records and obtain my permission to test. These are important procedural safeguards. Here's my cynic's view of some of the other procedural safeguards after a decade of IEP meetings: (1) I have the right to obtain an independent evaluation by experts... with Ph.Ds and M.D.s and then have it trashed at the next IEP meeting by Master's level guidance counselors and special educators. (2) I have the right to participate in decision making... as long as I understand that nothing I say will ever be taken seriously let alone implemented. That goes for educational advocates, therapists or other experts who I might bring to meetings as well. (3) I have the right to initiate a hearing... but only if I am fortunate enough to have the financial resources available to me.

    If you have a story about a successful collaboration with your school district, I would love to hear it....