Friday, February 22, 2013

Special Education Law 101 - Index to Series

Index to Special Education 101 Series

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A reader once suggested that I provide an index wen I run a series. I agreed that this is an excellent idea, and I try to add one at the end of our series. Here is the index for the Special Education Law 101 series which recently concluded.  Clicking on the name of a particular post in the series will bring you to the actual post.

Here goes :

Part I Sources of Law September 10, 2012

Part II FAPE September 18, 2012

Part III FAPE continued September 26, 2012

Part VI IEP Issues October 20, 2012

Part VII Related Services October 26, 2012

Part VIII  Transition November 2, 2012

Part IX Discipline   November 16, 2012

Part X Unilateral Placements November 6, 2012 

Part XI Compensatory Education December 6, 2012

Part XII Stay Put   December 12, 2012

Part XIII Legal Representation January 14, 2013

Part XV Burden of Persuasion  February 1, 2013

Part XVI: Hearing Procedures I  February 6, 2013

Part XVII Hearing Procedures II  February 13, 2013

We hope that you enjoyed the series! 

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