Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sequestration Kills!

Sequestration - How Would it Impact the Everyd...
Sequestration - How Would it Impact the Everyday Lives of Americans? (Photo credit: Third Way)

How's that for a post title!

Sequestration is Washingtospeak for the automatic across the board spending cuts that are so extremely draconian that Congress thought they would force the combatants (formerly known as representatives of the public) to compromise on deficit reduction.  They have a deceptive name for everything, don't they?

Unfortunately, these folks don't know the meaning of compromise.  So in ten days we face the Great Sequester.  Remember the fiscal's back!

Here is what the White House says will happen if sequestration occurs.  Here is the warning from our friends at the Council for Exceptional Children.  

Contact your congressman and senators.  Tell them not to let sequestration happen!
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