Thursday, August 2, 2012

Index to Procedural Safeguards- The Series

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We recently finished a series on Procedural Safeguards.  Some readers have suggested that an index to the various posts would be helpful.  One follows.  As you may notice the numbering of the posts was a bit irregular.  This was not intentional, but for those who know me, it is consistent with my style.  Also if you click on any topic, the link will take you to the particular post.  NOTE: If you should misplace the index, you can always find any post on this blog by typing a key word or phrase into the search bar on the lefthand side of the blog.

INDEX: procedural Safeguards - The Series

Part I             Introduction                                           January 31, 2012

Part II           Notice of Procedural Safeguards                February 7, 2012

Part III          Parental Consent                                      February 13, 2012

Part IV          Independent Educational Evaluations           February 21, 2012

Part V           Prior Written Notice                                  February 29, 2012

Part VI          Dispute Resolution                                    March 13, 2012

Part VII         Facilitated IEP Meetings                            March 20, 2012             

Part VI          Mediation                                                 April 4, 2012

Part VIII        State Complaint Procedures                       April 18, 2012

Part IX           Resolution Meetings                                 May 4, 2012

Part X            Due Process Hearings                               May 21, 2012

Part XI           Procedural Violations                                June 13, 2012 

Part XI            Attorneys Fees                                        July 25, 2012
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  1. This was, overall, an incredibly helpful series. I learned a lot, though I’ve little more than an interest in how the law actually works... so yeah, thank you for indexing it.