Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nice Visit in Phoenix

PHOENIX, AZ - APRIL 30:  Relief pitcher Carlos...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

I just got back from a conference in Phoenix.  It is nice to get to see a bunch of people who I like and work with all at the same time.  Thank you all for your company.  It was a great time.

I especially enjoy meeting the many readers of this blog who came up to me and introduced themselves.  It is always a thrill to meet our readers.  One reader actually recognized me from my photo on the blog. See there, this refutes definitely the argument that I have heard that my high school picture decorates the blog and that Ii am actually now much older.  Ha!

So thanks to everybody for helping me enjoy the experience.

One complaint:  Long time readers know that my only sports addiction is the Cubs.   Why do the Diamondbacks feel they are justified in doubling their ticket prices when the Chicago Cubs are in town?  By the way the Nationals do the same thing when the Cubs play in DC.  I'm pretty sure that these "prime games" violate my constitutional rights.  It is interesting how there are so many blue Cubs jerseys in these other baseball parks, but supply and demand only should go so far!  Free the long-suffering Cub fans!

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