Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Stop Added to Jim Gerl 2011 Special Education Law Tour

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As the season changes, I have begun to acquire a few additional speaking engagements for the 2011 Jim Gerl Special Education Law Tour. I enjoy seeing this great country and meeting those who enjoy reading this blog.  It is very satisfying to speak with those who utilize this tool for special education stakeholders of all types.

The newest stop added to the 2011 tour is the annual conference of the National Association of Hearing Officials.  I have been lucky enough to be a regular faculty member for NAHO for the last seven years.  NAHO is a group of hearing officers.  They are not just special ed hearing officers but all kinds of hos.  You can learn more about this fantastic organization here.

The annual conference will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico form November November 13 - 16. This conference is a must for the hearing officers of the world.  I hope that I will see you there.
Conference details for all stops on the tour are included in the semi-permanent (I love that word) box on the lefthand side of the blog.
There are a few more possible additions to the tour agenda; I'll keep you posted.  By the way, these do not include in-house engagements where the public is excluded.  

If you will be at these conferences or if you are in the neighborhood, please find me and say hello.  I'm pretty hard to miss!
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