Friday, February 25, 2011

Word Choice Is Important!

MADISON, WI - FEBRUARY 16:  Maureen Look-Ainsw...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

My post yesterday was entitled- "Are teachers Mad?"

Apparently some people who read the article were hoping that I had written about teachers being insane.  I'm sorry if my word choice was a bit iffy.  I was going for the "are teachers angry" angle, but those words just don"t have enough zip.

In any event , I'm sorry if the title was misleading.  The point remains that I suspect that teachers are very angry.  Since NCLB passed, they feel as though they are walking around with bulls-eyes on their backs. 

The Wisconsin spectacle involves more than just teachers, but I fear that years of a lack of respect coupled with the new emphasis on cutting their benefits may be a bad formula.

So are teachers angry?  To coin yet another phrase, "you betcha."

What do you folks think?

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