Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Index to Procedural Safeguards The Series

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A reader suggested that we provide an index to our recent series on procedural safeguards under the special education law.  It seemed like a good idea so here goes. 

I'm glad that you enjoyed the series. Procedural Safeguards are at the heart of the special education laws.

Here is the index:

October 18, 2010      Part I     Introduction
October 27               Part II    Notice of Procedural Safeguards
November 9             Part III   Parental Consent
November 16           Part IV   Independent Educational Evaluation
November 24           Part V    Prior Written Notice
November 29           Part VI   Dispute Resolution
December 13           Part VII  Facilitated IEPs
December 22           Part VIII Mediation
December 28           Part IX   State Complaint
January 4, 2011        Part X    Resolution Sessions
January 10               Part XI   Due Process Hearings
January 19              Part XII  Procedural Violations
January 26              Part XIII Attorney's Fees
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