Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Breaking News: Facebook Special Education Law Group Now Has Over 800 Members

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Just last week we mentioned the awesome Facebook special education law group. Well guess what? The group now has over 800 members.

Talk about street cred; we are becoming a force to be reckoned with! Combined with the large number of subscribers to this blog and the related groups, like Facebook and LinkedIn, plus those who follow our related tweets, our posse is pretty impressive indeed.

Seriously, this is why we are credible in the special education community. It also explains why we win awards and get exclusive interviews, like the Alexa Posny interview shortly after she was named Assistant Secretary of OSERS. So first of all - thank you. Your patronage is appreciated. It is good to know that you are listening.

If you haven't visited the Facebook group, please do so. The discussions are always interesting, and the membership mirrors the readers of this blog. It includes a wide variety of special education stakeholders, Here is a link, check it out!

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