Saturday, May 16, 2009

Technology Update; Mediation Post &CRS Reports

The post yesterday was made through my cellphone because I was on the road. You can see that I am getting better at utilizing the voice recognition software. Although "special ed" became "special ad," that's not too bad. If you would like to hear my voice and determine whether I actually said "ad," click on the listen button. How cool is technology?

The Facebook special education law group now has 332 members and is a great place to discover resources and information. You can visit the site and join if you want through this link. The Ning special education law group also is growing and has some interesting discussions. Check it out here.

The lefthand side of the blog has all kinds of links and information that you might find useful. My twitters mini-posts appear there. There are also numerous links to websites that I use a lot, and there is always some type of poll, although we make no claim of scientific or other accuracy. The current question is how would you rule on the pending special ed case if you were on the supreme court? For the parents is leading for the district 23 to 17, with three readers pulling a Justice Kennedy and recusing themselves. Make your voice heard; cast your vote.

The lefthand side of the blog also has a place where you can take advantage of our free subscriptions. You can choose among subscriptions directly to your email inbox or subscriptions through an RSS reader, or if you have a website, you can add a pretty cool widget to your site that displays my most current posts. Please subscribe; the numbers help. There is also a search bar on the lefthand side that allows you to search this blog for previous discussion topics; the search feature is very useful.

Finally to follow up on my posts on the Congressional Research Service, a few of you have pointed out correctly that the reports are available for a fee. This is correct. When I questioned whether they should be available to the taxpayers, I meant without charge. The way I view it, we have already paid for these reports as taxpayers. Transparency should be free!


  1. About the CRS reports - I totally agree they should be free and hope legislation to that effect garners enough support in the Congress. I recently read two CRS reports on special education law - made available because an electronic newsletter I belong to has a paid subscription wit the private company for the CRS reports. They should be directly available to the public - at no cost - we already pay for it with our tax dollars!

  2. Thanks for you comment Steve.

    Taxation without reportation!