Friday, May 1, 2009

Dee Ann Wilson Wins JoLeta Reynolds Award

As you can see from the last two posts, I still have to master the voice recognition software. But these innovations allow me to post by cellphone from remote locations like Las Vegas. I have to learn to speak more clearly, as you will see if you click on the links and listen to my voice.

But lost in my voice recognition problem was the fact that Dee Ann Wilson, who does many things as an employee of the Iowa Department of Education, won the JoLeta Reynolds Award for state level employees this year. I nominated Dee Ann for the award for her innovations in the field of dispute resolution. She set up a mediation system before it was required by IDEA. More importantly, she got people to buy into the system. It is widely used.

Also she devised a facilitation system for disputes even before they become disputes. Her system is used as a national model, and it helps keep the focus on the child. Again, her system is copied by states trying to avoid due process hearings and the financial and emotional costs that come with them.

Most importantly, Dee Ann Wilson has a good heart. She always remembers that we are trying to help children with disabilities; something we all would do well to remember. This came through big time in her acceptance speech. Congratulations to my friend, Dee Ann.

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