Monday, January 12, 2009

Odds & Ends: Polls, Subscriptions, Facebook & Awards

A few housekeeping matters and some new bells and whistles. First, please subscribe to this blog. In the blogosphere, there is power in numbers. Our subscribers come form many different sectors of the special education community, and we are always glad to greet new subscribers. You have several options all on the left hand side of the blog. You can subscribe by email, grab an RSS or atom feed for a reader or aggregator, or you may click on the orange box to obtain a widget which you may place on your own website. Please contact me if you have any problems subscribing.

Also, we run a number of polls deeper on the left hand side. The current question is: what qualities are most important for special ed hearing officers? Fairness currently has a big lead, but you can weigh in with your answer too. As always, we do not pretend that these polls are scientific or anything close to it, but they can be fun and do provide some valuable insights. Please vote early and often.

A brand new bell & whistle for those of you who use facebook. I have created a new special education law group on facebook. I don't really know what that means, but I feel certain that many of you do. In fact members are already joining. You can join the group by clicking on this link. I hope to hear from you there.

High on the left hand side of the blog you will see a note that this blog won first place in the Best Education Blog category in the 2008 Bloggers Choice Awards. I couldn't open the fancy brag badge that they sent me, but if you click on the note you can see a list of the winners. We are nominated again this year, and we are currently in fourth place. You can vote by clicking on the button a bit lower on the left hand side. You may have to register and respond to an email to be able to vote.

Finally, please continue to send me the changes you would like to see in the special education law. The response has been large, but I'd like to ensure that as many people as possible weigh in before we send our input to Congress. Please tell me what you think.

Thanks again, and please keep reading.

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