Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blidgets, Test Posts, Facebook and Twitter - Part II

As you have probably gathered from recent posts, I am continuing to experiment with the new technology. The innovations continue to amaze me.

Twitter allows me to reduce my complex thoughts and analysis to soundbites of 140 characters or less. Thanks to cooperation in the blogosphere, I'm now able to make mini-posts which appear on the left-hand side of the blog. If you use Twitter, you can elect to follow my "tweets" there too.

Our new Facebook Special Education Law group is growing rapidly. There are now 60 members. The members are a variety of special ed folks, and there are two active discussion boards and a number of other blogs and other special education law related resources that members have shared. It is a pretty useful place if you're interested in special education issues. If you use Facebook, please check us out here.

The experimental posts have drawn quite a bit of interest. I am now able to create posts by talking into my cell phone and by email. The emphasis for now is on the experimental, but I really like the potential of these sites. If I am at a conference, I can much more quickly post an item for you readers. Also, if I'm stuck in a hearing or mediation or training, I can get a post done during a break. This is really amazing.

Many of you voted for this blog last year when we won first Place in the Best Education Blog category of the prestigious Bloggers Choice Awards. Thanks again. This year, we are in Fourth Place. There is a button on the lefthand side of the blog that will take you to the voting site. You have to register and respond to an email to be able to vote. Thanks again this year for your votes.

The poll on the lefthand side of the blog is also drawing some activity. The question, and I realize that the word scientific does not belong in any sentence describing this poll, is what qualities are most important for a special ed hearing officer. Fairness continues to lead, but knowledge of the law and training seem to be gaining on it!

I encourage everybody to subscribe to this blog. I'm pleased to announce that we now have over 300 subscribers. That's very impressive. Thank you to those who subscribe. If you have not yet done so, you can sign up (it's always free) on the lefthand side of the blog. You can receive posts by email or in a reader or aggregator as an RSS or atom feed. You can also get a widget, or blidget, of this blog and grab it for your own website or blog. The blidget can have just the post titles or the entire posts. Please encourage others involved in special education to subscribe, and thanks again for all of your support.


  1. Thanks for the ability to add your blog as a widget! I just added it to my site at - I really appreciate all of the information you share here & want to share it with the people who visit my site.

    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks Kate,

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