Friday, August 22, 2008

Silence from Obama and McCain

Maybe we're a bit impatient, but we haven't yet received a response from the major candidates for President concerning our questions about their positions on special education law. Perhaps two weeks is not sufficient time to respond, but we are beginning to wonder if we will receive any official response. Our fear is that we are being ignored. After all, we're Special Ed and WE VOTE!

The blogosphere is well suited for this sort of in-depth candidate issue inquiry. We hope that the candidates agree. We will also send them a copy of this impatient blog post.

Some of you have pointed out various education positions of the candidates. My favorite is this examination of the education positions on the candidates websites by the Council for Exceptional Children which appears to be both fair and informative:

Please let us know if you have additional information about the candidates positions on special education issues. We appreciate all the support and suggestions we have received on this topic, especially the big boost from the Edjurist blog at and all the suggestions from individuals and groups. Thank you. We will keep you posted.

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