Friday, August 8, 2008

How to Find Material On This Blog

A number of newer readers have asked us how to find material on the special education law blog. There are a number of ways to find stuff. The best way, of course, is to subscribe so that you always receive our posts. You can subscribe by email or get our posts in an rss or other reader. Just click on the links below my picture on the left hand side of the blog. Our subscribers are now 154 in number and growing! Welcome new readers!
The seven most recent posts appear when you go to the blog. In addition older articles are contained in the archives which are about half way down the left hand side.
Just below the archives is the search bar. There you can search the entire blog if you are interested in a particular subject. By searching, you'll be able to find the posts in our seven part series on dispute resolution mechanisms and our five part series on other procedural safeguards. You'll also find our thoughts on rural special education, various proposed regulations, the tribulations of the due process hearing officer, my observations of the United States Supreme Court in action (twice), hot button issues - like bullying and IEP Implementation, and other current issues in special education law.
Please also note that concerning finding information outside this blog, we have added two other education blogs to our blogroll. The First is Special Education Today which summarizes many sources of material on special education everyday. The other is On Special Education which is the blog of the thoughtful Christina Samuels at Education Week. We have been very hesitant to expand the blogroll to be sure that we include only trusted sources of material for our readers. We believe that these two blogs meet that test. Your feedback about these new blogs would be appreciated.

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