Wednesday, August 29, 2007

House Leaders Draft Proposed Changes for Reauthoritization of No Child Left Behind

The leadership of the House of Representatives has issued a memorandum outlining changes to be incorporated in the No Child Left Behind tentatively agreed to by the leaders of both parties. Please note that his document is only a draft. You can review the memorandum at

Among the many highlights are the following: permitting states to use growth models in calculating Adequate Yearly Progress; adoption of a maximum "n" size; funding to develop alternate assessments; permitting special education students who exit to continue to be counted in that subgroup for up to three years; maintaining the one percent cap (students with the most severe cognitive disabilities taking the alternate assessment) and two percent cap (students with disabilities taking modified assessments based on modified standards), but allowing certain districts with a high number of students with disabilities to obtain a wavier permitting up to a three percent cap; and a minimization of barriers access to statewide assessments for students with disabilities.

The Congress is inviting comment on this draft. If you have concerns about No Child Left Behind, you should let the House Education Committee hear from you.

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