Tuesday, July 17, 2007

NEW Internet Poll: Is the due process system fair?

We now have the capability to add an occasional poll to this blog.

The first poll is about the state due process systems. Do you think that the hearing system is fair? Please register your opinion on the poll found near the bottom left-hand side of this blog.

We are not pretending that this is a "scientific poll," but we suspect that the results will be interested. Let us know how you like this new feature.


  1. I would say it probably depends on your definition of fair. Does it achieve the right outcome in every situation, no, but is it the best the government can do and is it better than just letting these cases to straight to the court system, perhaps. So, the real question may be fair to whom? Users? Parents? Schools? The general public?

    P.S. - Didn't you law school tell you never to use the word "fair." :)

  2. They tried to teach me not to use the word fair. I guess I'm a rebel. I always teach hearing officers that the first and most important rule is be fair.
    Thansk for your vote,