Friday, July 13, 2007

JoLeta Reynolds Award

JoLeta Reynolds is one of the best people on the planet. Many folks who work in special education know her well. She is a senior policy advisor for OSEP. She was instrumental in the re authorizations of IDEA, wrote the federal regulations after the 1977 reauthorization of IDEA and she was key in the writing of the new regs. She helps everybody who has a question. Many times she has helped me personally understand the nuances of the regs; she is very patient and supportive of me. She has persevered through obstacles that would stop many of us in our tracks. She is great!

A couple years ago, LRP, the company that publishes special ed decisions, started the JoLeta Reynolds award. If you know somebody who works for state, federal or local education agencies who has had an awesome impact upon the lives of children with disabilities, consider nominating them for the award. Here is a link:

Being nominated for this prestigious award is a great honor. People who have a big impact upon special education deserve recognition. Once again, JoLeta makes the world a better place.