Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekly Question!

We are running a Series on Procedural Safeguards. Which of the procedural safeguards under IDEA are most effective in protecting the educational rights of children with disabilities? #SpEdProcedures


  1. I think the IEE is probably the most effective, which it is why it is so hotly avoided by schools, and feverishly contested in some cases. A close second would be Prior Written Notice. Just an opinion.

  2. You should go get some opinions from Facebook, at the Georgia Special Needs page.. which you would have to join. Some good discussions are going on there. Georgia is a hotbed of controversy!!

  3. Libby,

    Thanks for your comments.


  4. I have been following this string for the past few weeks,and I would like to say thank you for this information. As a behavior therapist, I work closely with children with special needs and their families. A common phrase I hear over and over again is the "fear to fight for their children" and "I don't know what I can do". So, I created a youtube channel called "Sped Net News" to become a hub for parents to get good information and news regarding special education and special needs. This week the focus has been on DeVos and the consequences of her potential nomination. Look forward to more discussions.

    1. In GA, our US Senators, both Republicans, quit answering their phones, and there were lines forming outside their doors. They were only letting about 4 people in at a time. COPAA put out an advisory to contact them before January 31. A friend of mine said "send a postcard... they can't stop the mail."