Monday, February 8, 2016

Breaking News: New GAO Study Finds That State and Local Rules Frustrate Special Educators #GAO

Today the federal Government Accountability Office issued a report that concludes that state and local rules and regulations complicate federal efforts to reduce paperwork and administrative burdens on special educators. {Alert readers will remember that the GAO used to have the less sexy title: Government Accounting Office...Visions of green eye shades likely caused the change of title.}

The report notes that special educators said that they spend one to two hours per day on administrative tasks- time that might be better utilized in the classroom. This is a provocative statement. Interestingly, however, the GAO made no recommendations in this report. 

The report contains a wealth of information about this topic. You ca read a summary here.  The full 37 page report is available here.


  1. The paper work is a waste of time in most cases. Heaven forbid we might make a mistake to add even more time