Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekly Question!

We are now running a new series which is an updated version of our previous series: An Introduction To Special Education Law. Are there any topics that we have not covered in the past that you would like to see in this Special Ed Law 101 Series? Are you enjoying the series?

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  1. I teach a self-contained special ed preschool class. Our district has no general education equivalent. We have been told to bring in kindergarten and 1st grade teachers (with no knowledge of preschoolers or pre-k core standards) to be the gen. ed. team members in IEP meetings. I just looked in IDEA and it says "not less than 1 regular education teacher of such child (if the child is , or may be, participating in the regular education environment)". My question is: since none of my students are ever in a regular education environment, do I still need to have regular education teachers at the IEP meeting? Thanks.